Intraway Participates in CableLabs Winter Conference 2017

Twice a year CableLabs, a nonprofit innovation and R&D Lab, hosts a conference for CableLabs members and cable industry vendors to gather and share updates on the present and future of the industry.The conference provides a venue for communication between members, enabling them to partner with each other on the technologies and innovations that will play a key role in the global digital economy.

Intraway was proud to participate in this prestigious event, using the opportunity to share our portfolio of innovative, highly configurable, and ready-to-deploy solutions. The team was especially excited to present Intraway’s new cutting-edge Leakage Detection solution, which sets itself apart from other leakage solutions by using advanced analytics to proactively and automatically detect RF leakage locations, informing Field Technicians of where they need to go in real time. As such, the solution allows operators to simplify the Leakage Detection process, while at the same time understanding the impact of Leakage on customer service.

Intraway Account Director Rob Solon stated, “The CableLabs Winter Conference was a fantastic opportunity for Intraway to network with technology leaders from across the industry and demonstrate our expertise in helping to resolve key operational hurdles. They were impressed with our proactive customized solutions that include assurance tools such as Leakage Detection, D/S analysis, and Qx probes.  These empower Communication Service Providers to stay ahead of potential issues before they become apparent to the end user, and transform data into vital information that helps to optimize customer service.”

About Intraway

Intraway is the fastest-growing provider of advanced operations and business solutions (OSS/BSS) in the Americas, creating quick and flexible software that aids in the effective provision of mobile, wireless and wired network services. Based in Argentina and the USA, Intraway partners with global telecommunications operators to improve the communications experience for millions of customers around the world. For more information, visit  

Source: Intraway