Solution for Deployment Complexities Presented at TM Forum Live!

Supporting this year's event theme 'How?', Intraway hosted a case study on how service providers can improve their operations and business flexibility with an OSS orchestration layer

Adding to Intraway’s demonstrated success with OSS orchestration, the software provider shared the TM Forum Live! stage with its client Cablevision Argentina to discuss OSS orchestration technologies, and how they benefit CSP operations and business flexibility.

Using a case study titled “Improving Time to Market and Reducing New Service Deployment Complexity by Implementing an OSS Orchestration Layer”, Cablevision Argentina’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Claudio Righetti, and Intraway’s SVP of Broadband Communications, Patricio Latini, discussed how Intraway worked with Cablevision to help them launch GPON HSD technology in a new market. They explained how Intraway added an OSS orchestration layer, leading to a significant reduction in integration technology, while leaving room for key expansion capabilities for future stages of the project.

Intraway CMO Ramon Lopez commented: “At Intraway, we focus on creating partnerships and adding value to our customer’s operations by developing solutions that reduce operational cost and speed up time to cash. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our insights on the importance of OSS orchestration technologies at this international event. Patricio Latini and Dr. Claudio Righetti presented an excellent case for how such technologies can be of significant value to CSPs, both from a financial and customer service perspective.”

TM Forum Live! brings together service providers and their suppliers to share insight on ongoing digital transformations and to provide collaboration and networking opportunities.

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Source: Intraway